Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fly the Flag, Fool the Masses

Over the years, the Peckerhead Invitational has benefited from a small group of fellas who make significant contributions that help defray the costs of making the event happen. Their help and our work at HQ have kept the Peckerhead growing (you have no idea how much fun that is to write) and - most importantly - free to all comers.

At the same time, the most frequent request we get is for us to make some stuff people can take home and use to embarrass their friends and family.

After giving serious consideration to exotic dancing, management decided that the best way to cover costs and fly the flag would be to make some stuff you can use to wave your PKR all over your hometown without freaking out the neighbors. Bottom line: The Peckerhead Invitational will always remain free to anyone who wants to show up and ride. This year, we are setting you up to look very stylish before, during, and after.

So here's the details...
You can order via cash or check by filling out the order form (download it here) and dropping off payment at Y-Not Cycling in Lexington. Their address is 64 East Main Street, Lexington OH 44904. 419-884-6135. You can mail payment there as well.

Pay online via PayPal to my e-mail,
Make sure you leave a note via PayPal so we know exactly what you want to order. Include sizing if you are ordering a t-shirt.


The John Holmes of gear buys -- $30.00 for one of everything

Finally, a window sticker worth having -- $6.00 for 2
100% cotton t-shirt -- $18.00 each
A coat for your best friend -- $6.00 each

Specialized bottle -- $7.00 each

Rest in Peace, Possum

Riding around heaven on his recumbent drunk on angel tequila.
As many of you know, one of the Peckerhead Invitational's founding fathers passed away this past February. Obviously, we are all very saddened by the loss of a brother, but get this... Paul a.k.a. Possum- believe it or not - actually specified long ago that the Invitational after his passing was to be ridden in his honor. Well, let me tell you, the management is freaking committed to making that happen. Stay tuned for more details.