Saturday, June 7, 2014

PKR / GOBA After-After Party

The PKR VIP all-access pass
The PKR and GOBA's opening ceremonies are occurring in Mansfield on the same day. That makes for some delicious possibilities...

The GOBA costumed bike parade and opening ceremonies kick off in Downtown Mansfield at around 7:00 p.m. Saturday night -- a few hours after we usually wrap things up here at HQ. About a thousand cyclists will be streaming into downtown that evening for the opening ceremonies, live bands, chow, and some adult beverages at Martini's, Relax It's Just Coffee, The Phoenix Brewing Company, City Grille, or Cypress Cellars.

Welcome to the best day of your whole, miserable life.
PKR management will be posting up courtside at Richland Source offices in our very own air-conditioned luxury loge. If you are wearing the green wristband you'll be issued that morning, you will have VIP access to the loge's many amenities. Comfortable seating, big screen TV showing YouTube cycling videos, bathrooms, A/C, and complimentary food and drink. And best of all, you'll have the perfect venue for heckling the GOBA people.

So, don't burn all your matches early in the day, Peckerhead. This year we take it up a notch.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Somebody is gonna win my Seagull Bag... and a pump, t-shirt, stickers, provisions, socks, a bottle, chamois cream and... a 30 pack

This bag - this very bag - is beyond great (more on that later). And somebody is going home with it this year.
This is the greatest bag ever created, and it could be yours.
Our sponsors at Seagull Bags on Parsons Avenue in Columbus, O-H-I-O made this for us to give away to some lucky Peckerhead, and you could be the one.

What could you win? How does this sound, Peckerhead?
-A full custom messenger bag from Seagull Bags
-A t-shirt from Pedal Pushers
-Socks and a bottle from Twin Six
-Chamois cream from DZ Nuts
-Provisions from Clif Bar
-Stickers from All Hail the Black Market
-A pump from Trek
-Bar tape from Bontrager.
-aaaand... wait for it... a 30 pack!

And it will all fit in the frigging bag. If you paid retail you would be looking at close to $400 bucks.

How do I win this bag, you ask? 
Simple. We will be selling tickets on-site, but that will be cash-only. Bag will be raffled at approx 3:00 p.m. You must be present to win, unless you make pre-arrangements with management (i.e. I am gonna be in Africa building a casino, my daughter is getting married for the sixth time, or whatever).

All the money we raise will go toward keeping the PKR FREE and AWESOME, so let's get busy, people.

Sponsor highlight - Seagull Bags

Maika works on a bag while I annoy her by taking pictures
About a month ago, I went down to C-bus to pick up our custom Seagull Bag and I got to have a look around. Thought you guys might like to know from where your next bag will come.

After parking on Parsons Avenue and admiring the gritty, "let's do this" feel of the neighborhood I found the address Maika told me to go to. I called her number and she met me at the door.

We took a walk back to their workshop. Seagull is in a co-op space with a print maker and several other artist-led businesses. When they say these bags are hand-made, they are not kidding. The rolls of cordura in a million different colors line one wall to the left of four or five sewing machines and a couple of Macs. Maika was working on custom embroidery while she visited with me.

Pick a color, any color.
Each custom bag is made-to-order with exactly what a client wants, down to the thread and velcro colors. And that doesn't even begin to address the custom embroidery they do. The bags are beautiful and bulletproof when they leave the shop.

How has it worked? Well, really well. I have tested it a lot in the last few weeks and have been really impressed. The bag is comfortable and balanced. It handles a laptop + work clothes with no sweat. Even a 30 pack of PBR on invitation delivery day was no big deal. The strap system is ingenious. Once you get used to it, you can have the bag over your shoulder and adjusted in a matter of seconds. We are going to give this very bag away in June. Somebody is going to be a very lucky, stylish, and happy cyclist because of that. But if you don't win it and you are looking for a bag, you really ought to call Seagull. Pro-level bags, made in O-H-I-O.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

PKR Update. Five weeks out.

A quick run through of where we are at the moment.

Invitations are printed. 150+ are going out this week. Printing and mailing that many invitations gets pricey, so this year we set up a cutoff system. We go back three years, and then mail to those who have registered and showed up during that time period (11, 12, & 13 this year) with a few exceptions. In other words, if you want a printed invitation, you need to show up. Otherwise, you are invited by default. Unless you're an asshole. If that's the case, please stay home.

Sponsors. Once again, our sponsors are incredible. We receive great support from individuals and companies inside the bike industry and out. Please check out our sponsor page and buy their stuff. More on that soon.

Gear. Still in process. Should have mock-ups and pricing in a week or so. Stay tuned.

GOBA and the PKR. The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure starts in Mansfield this year, which means there will be a shit-ton of bikey people in and around our territory on the day of the PKR. As far as we're concerned, it's business and usual. However...

Opening ceremonies are in downtown Mansfield Saturday evening / night. Costumed bike parade, bands, newly-opened Phoenix Brewery, food, bikes everywhere... it's our kinda party. Management has decided to extend the day's festivities and move the party downtown after we are done at our place. The air-conditioned PKR Luxury Loge will be at Richland Source offices, which are about two miles from my house. Should be an easy commute, unless this happens.
Please, please, please give me ticket. Photo by Jason Molyet

Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's 9 degrees, time to plan the 2014 PKR

Nothing like oppressive and constant freezing temps to get one thinking about cycling! So here we go.
The PKR sticker appears in the strangest places. Where's yours?
The 2014 Peckerhead Invitational is officially ON! Saturday June 14th, 2014. Sponsorship renewals went out today. More details to follow.