Route Maps

The Routes in 2023
Update June 4, 2023: The routes are marked. Arrows are green.

The longer routes are more difficult. We add vertical feet and max at out at around 7,000 (per Strava) for the John Holmes. The goal is always, always, always to give you a beautiful backdrop for your ride, regardless of how much you are suffering. All routes are clearly marked at every turn. We do not provide printed maps.

Strava and Map My Ride
MapMyRide will send the maps directly to your smart phone or you can print from their web site. You can also download GPX or KML files if you're of a mind to do that sorta thing. The embeds below are from that platform. 

Strava has a new feature for subscribers called Routes. We have the three routes on Strava starting in 2021. 

The Half Pecker
36 miles.  Features gently rolling farm roads with some great views and one decent climb going into Bellville.  The B and O bike path takes you home to headquarters where you get the best seats and make sure the beer is chilled when I get home. Half Pecker on Strava

The Full Pecker
64 miles. This route takes you out of Bellville onto some of the finest roads southern Richland County has to offer. We're not kidding when we say this is the one you ought to make an effort to do. You'll feel great when you're done, and will have a nice flat run in to town during which you can make up all sorts of lies about how fast you went. Full Pecker on Strava

The John Holmes
Note from June 7, 2021: The spring at Malabar Inn (603 and Pleasant Valley Road) is closed. This was a traditional water stop for the last leg. There may be an opportunity to fill up at Malabar Farm. You've been warned. 

77 miles and 7,000 ft of climbing (according to Strava). Mr. Holmes is our best work, and the man is back on form. 13 additional miles the PKR hasn't seen in years... and our first ever trip to Mohican State Park. There's no bailout on the John Holmes unless you make one up on the fly. 

Number one. Gravel returns at mile 50. Route 3234 south of Mohican is a pretty smooth gravel / dirt combo. It's hilly and two miles. It's also impossibly lush and beautiful. People riding the John Holmes need to leave their 21c tubulars at home. Be prepared.

Number two. Holmes also hits the covered bridge road and over Pleasant Hill dam for the first time.

NOTE: The spring at Malabar Farm is closed. Make sure you top off at the dam or the Mohican campground.

Number three. The JH splits from the Full Pecker at Wheatcraft and Hazlett. The split is marked on the road.

If you're feeling sporty and want a challenge, this is the one for you. John Holmes on Strava