Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We Debut Our New Broom Wagon

Veteran Peckerheads have come to accept over the years that the Invitational is a self-supported ride. Support vehicles are for TOSRV, we have always reasoned. Our rugged individualists would be insulted at the thought of riding home in a minivan. In fact, some of our best stories have come from those who cracked and had to find their way home. Who doesn't remember when Neil Llewellyn was going so slow he fell over on Dill Road. Or when I dry-heaved my way home over the 20 miles in '06. Or when AARP Peckerhead Jack Bargaheiser plowed himself under 50 yards from the finish? Good times, baby, good times.

For Peckerhead management to sign off on a follow car, such a vehicle would have to present a set of distinct advantages that our riders could appreciate. We think we may have found such a mode of transport. See above.

Dangerous. Impractical. Environmentally hostile. A parachute!