Friday, June 15, 2012

2012 Early Bird Special

First 50 registrants get a free gift bag courtesy of Y-Not, Road ID, Antonelli's, DZ Nuts, and Clif Bar.  While we're on that, here's tomorrow's schedule.

    7:00 am - Open for business. Relax, It's Just Coffee serving iced espresso 'cause you're bitchin'

    8:40 am  - Rider meeting for announcements and information. My driveway. Be there.

We do a staggered start where we self-select into slow and fast groups (you decide what you are).
The idea being that we come together on the road for some conversation and chit-chat before Bellville. Remember, we're riding - not racing. There's plenty of suffering to be had in the second half.

    9:00 am sharp - Slow group departs

    9:15 am sharp - Fast group departs

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