Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thanks! And a Few Observations from 2011

Another Peckerhead is in the books.  Over 90 riders and well over a hundred attendees.  We want to thank everyone who attended, all of our volunteers and supporters, as well as all the sponsors who dug what we are all about. We're pretty well signing off until next year, but will probably keep posting ride notices and other random crap on our Facebook page, so keep up with us there.  If we have your address and e-mail, you might just get some stuff from us every once in a while.  So, in closing, below are a few observations heard, overheard, thought of, or found scrawled on my bathroom wall...

1. Ted and Karl made us all look like pussies.   
"Hey lycra boy,  you ride 36 miles on a 55 year old three speed commuter bike or Karl's a 3 wheeler contraption with a fishing creel strapped to the front of it, then talk to me about your fancy clipless magoomium whatsit you just paid two hundred bucks to have FedExed to your office." 
No, that light is not an LED...

2. Beer out of these bottles tastes better.
Only 24 made this year.  Got one?
3. Is it just me, or does Original Peckerhead S. Conery represent a fantastic sales opportunity for the good people at Twin Six?
Paging Mario Cipollini...

4. To the guy who rode in SPD sandals, I can't decide if you're a total badass or just nuts.
Notice the stylish footwear.
5. If you're here from Italy, we do not require a helmet. Your natural sense of style and connection to the motherland will protect you from all harm.
Helmets are for people who cannot outrun automobiles.

6. We have very cool neighbors.

7.  If you're Ralph, it's okay to come late because you'll have more miles than anybody anyway.  122 miles and 6550 feet of climbing to be exact.
What was that about 9:00 am?

8. From G. Wardell.  "Two words.  Superb... Horrible".  
Good to know we're on target.

9. It's not doping, it's preparation.
The founder started early.

10. When there are no race numbers, everyone's a campionissimo and that is very, very cool.
Layacona on Teeter Road.



Paul said...

LaYacona's bike in the picture doesn't look like a Dogma. Good ride!

ralph said...

Sorry, At 9:00 I was at Starbucks downing a double esspresso, Ralph