Sunday, May 6, 2012

Let's Do Some Good for Once

Guilty as charged
We didn't plan on this, but sometimes bad shit happens. In this case the bad shit came in the form of a steel pole (the one on the left, in fact) that killed our buddy, Giuseppe Maino. This steel pole, known as a bollard, and many others like it crop up unexpectedly at seemingly random places on the B&O bike path in Richland County, Ohio. 

We here at the Peckerhead Invitational in concert with our friends at Y-Not Cycling decided that we ought to do something. We considered (or at least I did) just cutting the damn things down, but cooler heads prevailed. So here's what we're doing. 

Giuseppe loved cycling caps. So in his honor, we're doing a cap with Walz Caps to help raise some money to fix / remove the dangerous bollards on the B&O bike trail. Legally. Basically, you buy a cap and after we cover costs, every penny goes toward getting those stupid poles improved or removed. The caps are only $20.00, which is less than retail.

We went for a classy design that is wearable for bikes and cocktail parties. You'll love it. 

If you want to pay electronically, you can pay for your cap via PayPal to Otherwise, you can pick up an order form at Y-Not Cyling in Lexington, OH or message me and we'll get you hooked up. 

Here's the catch. You have to move your ass on this one. We have to have our order together by May 14th in order to get the caps back for the Peckerhead. 

So go on, get yourself a new cap and do some good for once.

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