Sunday, May 31, 2015

2015 PKR Update

Whew. Preparations this year have been like no other. I guess selling your house and preparing to move while rolling PKR style will do that.

Anyway, we are totally up and running full-steam, though there will likely be more last minute stuff than usual.

PKR HQ will be at 651 Sloane for one final year.

Your invitations will drop in the mail early this week or - if you're lucky - be hand delivered by Mgt.

For those that ordered PKR kit (THANKS!), things are right on schedule. Podiumwear has even agreed to cover drop shipping on all orders. So your stuff should arrive directly at your doorstep.

In other news, the routes are not yet marked. We are actively looking at some road closures and other stuff. So routes may be shifting around a bit up to the last minute. However, the 2014 routes are representative.

Finally, our sponsors have once again come through huge and we'll be delivering the baddest SWAG bags in cycling to luck raffle winners. Make sure - when you are throwing your money around - that you direct a good deal of it at the sponsors.

More to come. PKR Mgt.

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