Sunday, February 28, 2021

Instagram, new web address, invitations... getting organized

By now you might know that HQ took a couple of years off in 2019 and 2020. The PKR is coming back, though, for 2021. June 19. My house. When Management went to get things dusted off and restarted, we realized that it was time for a few updates. 


PKR has nearly 500 people on our "mailing list". That's in quotes because it's basically become a collection of cocktail napkins and post-it notes. Every year, I would send emails from a Yahoo account 50 at a time so Yahoo wouldn't think I was a spammer. Not efficient. 

So we moved it over to MailChimp. If had your addy, I still do. If you're not sure, just subscribe here on the home page. Easy as that. 


You can find us now at Seemed a lot easier that the clunky Blogger address.


The Facebook Page is still a thing.  Aaaand (this is how old we are) we added @pkr4evr as an Instagram account this year. 

Use the hashtag #pkr4evr for the sort of stupid,  juvenile cycling content we've come to expect, brothers and sisters.


The goal in 2021 is a return to the tradition of our printed invitations. The problem with that is the whole mailing address thing. If you want a printed invite, confirm your address here.


There's more to come. On the docket are weekend group rides leading up to June 19, merch, and we're waiting to hear back from Van Halen. 

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