Saturday, May 24, 2014

Somebody is gonna win my Seagull Bag... and a pump, t-shirt, stickers, provisions, socks, a bottle, chamois cream and... a 30 pack

This bag - this very bag - is beyond great (more on that later). And somebody is going home with it this year.
This is the greatest bag ever created, and it could be yours.
Our sponsors at Seagull Bags on Parsons Avenue in Columbus, O-H-I-O made this for us to give away to some lucky Peckerhead, and you could be the one.

What could you win? How does this sound, Peckerhead?
-A full custom messenger bag from Seagull Bags
-A t-shirt from Pedal Pushers
-Socks and a bottle from Twin Six
-Chamois cream from DZ Nuts
-Provisions from Clif Bar
-Stickers from All Hail the Black Market
-A pump from Trek
-Bar tape from Bontrager.
-aaaand... wait for it... a 30 pack!

And it will all fit in the frigging bag. If you paid retail you would be looking at close to $400 bucks.

How do I win this bag, you ask? 
Simple. We will be selling tickets on-site, but that will be cash-only. Bag will be raffled at approx 3:00 p.m. You must be present to win, unless you make pre-arrangements with management (i.e. I am gonna be in Africa building a casino, my daughter is getting married for the sixth time, or whatever).

All the money we raise will go toward keeping the PKR FREE and AWESOME, so let's get busy, people.

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