Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sponsor highlight - Seagull Bags

Maika works on a bag while I annoy her by taking pictures
About a month ago, I went down to C-bus to pick up our custom Seagull Bag and I got to have a look around. Thought you guys might like to know from where your next bag will come.

After parking on Parsons Avenue and admiring the gritty, "let's do this" feel of the neighborhood I found the address Maika told me to go to. I called her number and she met me at the door.

We took a walk back to their workshop. Seagull is in a co-op space with a print maker and several other artist-led businesses. When they say these bags are hand-made, they are not kidding. The rolls of cordura in a million different colors line one wall to the left of four or five sewing machines and a couple of Macs. Maika was working on custom embroidery while she visited with me.

Pick a color, any color.
Each custom bag is made-to-order with exactly what a client wants, down to the thread and velcro colors. And that doesn't even begin to address the custom embroidery they do. The bags are beautiful and bulletproof when they leave the shop.

How has it worked? Well, really well. I have tested it a lot in the last few weeks and have been really impressed. The bag is comfortable and balanced. It handles a laptop + work clothes with no sweat. Even a 30 pack of PBR on invitation delivery day was no big deal. The strap system is ingenious. Once you get used to it, you can have the bag over your shoulder and adjusted in a matter of seconds. We are going to give this very bag away in June. Somebody is going to be a very lucky, stylish, and happy cyclist because of that. But if you don't win it and you are looking for a bag, you really ought to call Seagull. Pro-level bags, made in O-H-I-O.

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