Saturday, May 11, 2019

Pressing pause

There will not be a Peckerhead Invitational Bike Ride and Weenie Roast this year. Well, then. That was a weird sentence to type.

As many of you know, my beloved Dad and spectacular grillmaster, Jess Allred, passed away recently after a battle with cancer. Fuck you, cancer, by the way.

Dad and all of our clan were integral parts of making the PKR what it had become over nearly 20 years; which was basically a rolling family reunion. Every year on Father's Day the sight of all of you sweaty knuckleheads sprawled all over our backyard gave us so much joy and laughter.

But the truth is that we (and by "we" I mean "me') are just not ready this year. I'm not prepared physically, organizationally, or emotionally. I would just be mailing it in, and I don't want the first PKR after Dad's passing to feel like something where I am going through the motions. That's why HQ will press pause for a year, take a breath, re-evaluate and reset for 2020.

See you on the road,

Your Dear Leader


Jan and David Miller said...

Completely understandable. Let me express my on-going sympathy to you and your wife on the passing of your father.

Jennifer Hurst said...

Peace be with you, Jay, and with all who loved Jess. I heard about the Peckerhead when I still lived in Miami Beach. I understand you choice this year. Sometimes it’s necessary just to be kind to yourself. I think the PKH started that way, yes?

Lisa said...

Thank you and your father for many amazing years of a fantastic riding and parties as part of Peckerhead. Your dad may be starting a spin off (pun intended)of the Peckerhead in heaven. Whatever you decide were all behind you (drafting). Peace to you and your family. Love to all. Lisa

Carlton Ketchum said...

Jess' obituary can be viewed at If you're able, memorial contributions may be made to the Monsignor Dunn Foundation , Harmony House , or The Friendly House .
Let's show some appreciation for a great grillmaster

Unknown said...

My best to you and all your family. I was at the first Peckerhead and many of the rest of them--basically growing up as a rider with it and doing my parallel Peckerheads in South Africa and Taiwan some years I could not attend in Ohio.

Your dad was so cool and always so welcoming, as is the whole family.

Be well and keep fighting, or at least keep pedaling. --Dan Lehman