Sunday, June 24, 2018

Wrap it up. I'll take it. PKR 2018 in the books

Well kids, we did it. Eighteen years. Together we raised our boy to adulthood, and he's eligible for the draft and registered to vote. Thanks for joining in on our graduation party.

Kudos to our riders who came from Delaware, Georgia, Michigan and all over Ohio to ride bikes and hang out afterwards. Pataskala, Columbus, Cleveland, Wooster, Bucyrus, Hilliard, Dublin... you name it. People traveled and we're grateful for that.

Couple dozen new ones, too.

Special thanks to Mansfield's riding community for showing up and showing out. This is a great place to ride bikes and you guys are big reason why.

PKR 18.1
Last thing, if you're up for a challenge join your overweight and undertrained host for PKR 18.1 on September 22 as he gets re-acquainted with Mr. Holmes.

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