Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The giant... he's awake

For the past several years, routes on the PKR have largely remained the same. After a dozen or more years of scouting, riding, and mapping we slipped into a groove and - frankly - listened to our riders. They told us we had things dialed in pretty damn well.

The Half and Full Pecker, especially, need to have a profile that challenges the rider but also provides a safety net. That safety net is the B and O bike path and it works perfectly. There's literally nothing to change or mess with. They are about as good as we can make them. But the John Holmes... That's where the romance can really take hold for the bold and the beautiful. It's always been a very challenging route. We ditch the bike path and pack the back end with gorgeous roads through difficult terrain. To be honest though, we had gotten a little soft in our old age. Not this year. 

Mr. Holmes is back to form at 77 miles and 5,032 feet of vertical. Most significantly, the Holmes packs 1,856 additional vertical feet in only 12.4 extra miles compared to the Full Pecker. In other words, our boy Johnny finishes strong. 

So it's your call, Baby. Are you up for glory?

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