Friday, June 15, 2018

Getting to PeckerheadQuarters

It's pretty easy to find my house, but for the out-of-towners here are some links:

From the NORTH via I-71
From the SOUTH via I-71
From the EAST via Route 30
From the WEST via Route 30

Parking details are here, and if you use the overflow, here's how you get to HQ from there. Or just follow the trail of Natural Light cans.

Or if that doesn't work, I live here:


Anonymous said...

LOL funny pic there.
hey wont be able to make it. i remembered my dad and father's day are kinda related

Jay said...

Ride is on Saturday -- not Father's Day if that makes a difference. Jay

tvermilya said...


Thanks for all of your hard work! Look forward to seeing you Saturday . . . .